Anyone can start a collection of football memorabilia. It is such a popular sport that there are an enormous number of items for sale online and at local and national auctions. Before you start to search for items of memorabilia for your collection the important decision as to what you wish to go into it needs to be considered.

What to Collect?

No one can choose your collection for you and there is a variety of different options. For instance, some collectors are interested in memorabilia relating to a specific player or players. Others concentrate on a favourite team or teams whilst a wider choice is to collect memorabilia from a specific league or leagues. Some fans are only interested in international football collections and, finally, many collections are based on specific tournaments such as the FA Cup, the Champions League (formerly the European Cup) or the World Cup. Whilst the theme of your memorabilia collection can be as narrow or wide as you choose, it is always more difficult to access items relating to a narrower choice.

Finding Memorabilia

One of the easiest ways of starting your collection of football memorabilia is through an auction. If you search the internet for football memorabilia auctions you will find many website listings. These sites will detail the location of their next auctions(s) for which a catalogue of the items to be sold will be available to view and/or download. Many of the websites permit bidding for items either in person, by telephone or online. Before making a bid for any item it is important to spend some time researching various sites for prices, to ensure that you are not overpaying. It is also useful to make checks on the particular auction house to guard against the possibility of buying counterfeit goods, especially if the item of memorabilia is rare and, therefore, expensive. Certain items are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which provides an element of protection against buying fake goods. This is most important when buying an item over the internet. There are many counterfeit items of sporting memorabilia sold online so you should only ever buy from a reputable source and/or one that is licensed by football associations or clubs to sell their merchandise. The adage that if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is applies equally to collecting football memorabilia

Ebay for Football Memorabilia

Can’t make it to an auction, prices a little too high? Ebay is a great place to start your collection and often provides the beginner with a feast of programmes at very low costs. The same caution is required when buying on Ebay as with the auctions, but Ebay provides a great service and its worth starting your search here.

Storing and Restoring Your Memorabilia

Having invested in an item of memorabilia it is important to ensure that it is stored safely to avoid deterioration. This means storing the items in a dry environment where they are not affected by damp or excessive heat/humidity. If an item such as a programme is damaged, either when you acquire it or though further ageing, it may be possible to restore it. Whether to do so is likely to depend, to a great extent, on the value of the programme and the cost of the restoration and there are many skilled restorers who specialise in the restoration of sporting memorabilia who will be able to advise you regarding the best way forward.

Collecting sporting memorabilia can be great fun, which can develop into a lifelong passion. Done properly, it can provide many hours of fun – and result in a unique collection of memorabilia.