I’ve loved football since before my dad first took me to my first game, Torquay vs Southport on our summer holiday. My Granddad spoke of the greats like Tommy Lawton and Stan Matthews and this fuelled my love of the history of the game.

I went to matches on and off over the years but never kept the programmes if I even bought one, but then again I went up Macchu Picchu and didn’t take a camera.

About 5 years ago I put a commission bid into a local auction for a few games I remember being at. When I won them, probably paying too much, they arrived with programmes to other games I had forgotten being at ( for reasons we wont go into)

After this first foray I was hooked and the more I got, the more my appetite to increase my collection grew. I now hold a collection of over 10,000 programmes covering most of the clubs and eras of the game, but I’m always on the hunt for more.

These few on the site represent a small fraction of my collection so please visit regularly as I’ll be adding more…