DENIS LAW scores 7 in an FA Cup tie and still finishes on the losing side!

FA Cup 4th round. Luton v Manchester City. Having been signed from Huddersfield for £53,000 the previous year, and before his moves to Torino, Manchester United and back to City again, Denis was on his way to the very top.

Luton were 2-0 up after a quarter of an hour before Denis proceeded to score six giving “a most inspired show, the like of which we shall probably never see again, and we say it ourselves, it is a great pity such brilliance did not have its reward”. Luton programme 1.2.61

No reward indeed, because incessant heavy rain caused the match to be abandoned after 70 minutes – and removed from the record books.

They tried again the following Wednesday and this time Luton won 3-1 with Denis getting the consolation.