Duncan Edwards 1950-58

It must be something in the genes. He was already arguably England’s best player when he died at Munich aged only 21. He might well have gone on to be the best ever.

His cousin was Denis Stevens who won a cup winners medal for Bolton against post Munich United and a league title with Everton in 1963. They played together for England under23’s on an Eastern European tour.

Genes or not, no quarter was given. Denis scored the first goal in Bolton’s 4-0 drubbing of United on 14 September 1957 before being stretchered off with a suspected broken leg after a heavy Duncan tackle. Turned out it was “only” a bruised nerve so he returned to the action only to be felled again by Duncan early in the second half  “sparking an angry exchange between the cousins”

Their uncle was Ray Westwood who starred for Bolton in the 30s & 40s, scoring over 140 goals, and played 6 times for England.

Ray Westwood`s own uncle was David Stokes a pre war [that’s WW1] Bolton stalwart  who played in the 1904 Cup Final and throughout the Edwardian era.