Puskas & Hungary pre-1956

Two monster hammerings for England. 6-3 at Wembley and six months later 7-1 in Budapest.

The first one was seen by some as demonstrating the inadequacies of the English game with its fixed position “W” formation  & rigid tactics where full backs marked wingers and centre forwards pushed up against centre halves and if the ball wasn’t in your zone it was the other fellows problem. Sid Owen was England’s centre half in Budapest and he felt it was like playing men from outer space. Hidgekuti didn’t come close enough to let him tackle. Harry Johnston had the same problem at Wembley. And then there was Puskas. Simply one of the greatest of all time. To be honest even if they`d played to an  English formula the Hungarians would still have won easily.

They were the team of the 50`s. Should have won the World Cup in 1954. [an English referee ruled out an 86m Puskas “equaliser” for offside!]. They continued winning throughout Europe for the next two years until the Soviets decided that regime reinforcement was necessary.