For football fanatics across the world, the temptation to start collecting memorabilia can be almost irresistible. But where to start? Football programmes are one of the cheapest ways to begin a collection and it’s an interesting area to get into – if you want a mix of history and variety, then collecting programmes can quickly turn you into a memorabilia addict.

The domestic football market has been established longer than in most other countries and programmes have been a big part of the sport in the UK, heading right back to Victorian times. Whether you are a supporter focused on your club and their football memorabilia, or someone who has a wider interest, football programmes provide a glimpse of times gone by. There’s also the chance to meet and talk with other enthusiasts who are interested in the history of a club or football in general.

It’s Easy to Start a Football Programme Collection

It used to be you had to go to specialist dealers to find football programmes. With the advent of the internet, this has all changed. Not only can you buy from sites that deal just in football programmes you can contact other enthusiasts and get valuable advice. Visit any car boot sale nowadays and you’ll probably come across someone who is selling football memorabilia including programmes.

It can be affordable

You can start a collection for just a few pounds, many football programmes can be bought quite cheaply to get you started and this also means it is fairly easy to grow your collection quickly. Of course, as you interest and collection grows, often so does the price of the programmes which can be highly contested in popular auctions across the UK and the world. There are some highly sought after programmes, such as ones for the very first FA Cup Final in 1923, that are like gold dust, and as with most things, the rarer the programme the more expensive it will be.

Diverse Range of Football Programmes

Football programmes have been produced since Victorian times which means there is a large variety out there for you to collect. You can narrow down your interest to the club you support or collect programmes from a specific time such as around World War I. Football programmes have changed significantly since the turn of the last century but they do provide a running commentary on history and are not only great things to collect but also very interesting to read. They provide an insight into the world of the common football supporter and can give you a unique view of how football has been perceived over the years. From the simple one page programmes of the smaller clubs in days gone by to the glossy, professionally produced programmes of our Premier clubs today, there’s certainly plenty to collect.

Join a Thriving Community

With any collecting hobby, there’s a community to go with it. There are thousands of people who are interested in football programmes around the UK and around the world. There are also conventions held throughout the year and the chance to meet and make friends with people who have a similar interest. If you want a starting point for collecting football memorabilia, then beginning with programmes is a sensible choice. For a low outlay, it won’t be long before you have a good collection and a hobby that you can enjoy for many years to come.